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Disappearing Weekends?

Disappearing weekends...yeah, it's a thing. We look forward to it all week and almost as soon as it starts, it's over.

Did you know that there's 60 hours between that 6 p.m. Friday glass of wine and that 6 a.m. Monday alarm clock?

Shocking, I know.

Even if you sleep for 24 of those hours, that leaves 36 waking ones. That’s plenty of time for fun, relaxation and more importantly, recharging the batteries. However, we often try to cram in as much as humanly possible... errands, get togethers, downtime, workouts, grocery shopping... as time quickly slips away, creating that disappearing act we're all too familiar with.

We want weekends that allow us to decompress from the week while having time for some fun AND leaving us feeling refreshed, not exhausted or disappointed, so we can hit Monday ready to go. Am I right?

It IS possible to create this harmony in our weekends. It just takes a little guidance and some fierce intention.

I've got 5 easy ways you can start...

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Create Your Own Home Gym for Under $100


Even with the best laid plans, there are days where life just doesn’t allow you to get to the gym.  And, truth be told, there are days when we simply don’t feel like going! Yes, even me...

Most of you know that I LOVE the gym more than pretty much any other place on earth and there are still those days when I don’t want to go to the gym.

Whether you have a fully stocked gym at home with a ton of space or no equipment at all without any space, you will find something here to help you stay fit no matter what!  

I have learned, through a lot of trial and error, that having a “home gym” with a few pieces of small equipment at the ready gives me the opportunity to get in a quick workout any time and eliminates the excuse that you have to go to the gym to get in a good workout!

Whether you have a fully stocked gym at home with a ton of space or no equipment at all without any space, you will find something here to help you stay fit no matter...

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3 Easy Ways to Get Back on Track When You Fall Off the Wagon

fitness goals nutrition Jul 24, 2018

Let's be really honest here - how often do you give yourself credit for accomplishing all of your fitness and nutrition goals?

OR - do you focus MORE on the times when you:

• slipped up and had ice cream 
• indulged in a slice of pizza (or 4) 
• skipped a workout in favor of Netflix
• couldn't make it to the gym on time because of "x, y or z"

And then (WORSE) beat yourself up for these common occurrences (which are totally normal, by the way) and feel - well.... kinda like a failure at meeting your wellness goals?


And you wanna know what?  Getting off track is PART OF THE PROCESS in achieving your goals.  It happens to the best of us! (Me included).   

Check out this short, sweet video where I give you my Top 3 Tips for Easily Getting Back on Track- and most importantly avoid feeling like a failure. 

The quick snapshot: 

1. Know your final destination and your 1st pit stop. 

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The Power of ONE thing & the color RED!


Happy Tuesday!

This is the first morsel of The F.I.E.R.C.E. Life, your weekly dose of quick inspiration to shift perspective on fuel, fitness, and fulfillment.

This FLIP in mindset will show us that we have the choice, every single day, to show up & take action that brings us closer to becoming our best self, our fiercest self.

Today, we begin with one thing and the color red...

And, because I can hardly contain my excitement for kicking off our weekly inbox "date", I have a quick video to share it all!

Prefer to read instead? No problem!
Scroll down to read all the nuggets I share in the video.

Here we fiercely go!
~ Coach D.

For the readers:  

Boom and Good Morning!

Welcome to your first weekly dose of The F.IE.R.C.E. Life!  A little inspiration that will be delivered directly to your inbox each week so we can start to shift our perspective on food, fitness, and fulfillment.

This is what I call, “The F.I.E.R.C.E. Effect”.  

The effect that you...

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