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The Power of ONE thing & the color RED!


Happy Tuesday!

This is the first morsel of The F.I.E.R.C.E. Life, your weekly dose of quick inspiration to shift perspective on fuel, fitness, and fulfillment.

This FLIP in mindset will show us that we have the choice, every single day, to show up & take action that brings us closer to becoming our best self, our fiercest self.

Today, we begin with one thing and the color red...

And, because I can hardly contain my excitement for kicking off our weekly inbox "date", I have a quick video to share it all!

Prefer to read instead? No problem!
Scroll down to read all the nuggets I share in the video.

Here we fiercely go!
~ Coach D.

For the readers:  

Boom and Good Morning!

Welcome to your first weekly dose of The F.IE.R.C.E. Life!  A little inspiration that will be delivered directly to your inbox each week so we can start to shift our perspective on food, fitness, and fulfillment.

This is what I call, “The F.I.E.R.C.E. Effect”.  

The effect that you experience when you can actually start to shift old belief systems and limiting thoughts on the big things in life, such as health, food, and fulfillment.  Fulfillment in our lives, careers, relationships, workouts, food, etc. is what we are seeking afterall.   We want to feel good and complete and that what we are doing matters.

When we learn how to let go of how things should be and simply allow them to be what they can be, so many amazing things start to happen; and you get closer to your best self, your fiercest self.

Each week I will keep it quick,  since time is our most valuable asset and you will receive real, practical information that you can immediately apply to your life wherever you are and whatever season of life you are in right now.  This way you can immediately take action to becoming the best you possible.  

I have so many fun things planned for 2018 and I have them listed below so you can check them out and see what speaks to you so you can live your fiercest life in 2018.   So check that out below!  

So let’s get down to today’s ACTION:
How can we take action today so we can feel fierce and move closer to our best self?

We are going to select ONE THING and then use the color RED to remind us to actually do it!  

Here’s how:

  • Set a timer for 2 minutes
  • Ask yourself, “How would my day look differently if I was living as my best self? “
  • Then, press start on your timer and write down everything that comes to mind... words, clothes, relationships,  job, food, thoughts, habits, behaviors, etc...
  • Then, once your time is up, look at your list and select ONE THING from the list to begin doing today from today until next Tuesday
  • You can always add another one later so just pick one for today
  • Then, to help you remember to do this one thing, we are going to use the color red to trigger it
  • This means every time you see the color red you will remember to take action on your one thing…  and there is a lot of red out there and now that you are thinking about it, you are going to see a lot more of it!

Ready?  Set!  Go!  
Take action on your ONE THING today! And be ready to notice a lot of RED!

I'd love to know what your one thing is so I can help keep you accountable!

Share your one thing with me here!  We are going to get this done!

I will see you soon!

No, go out there and make it happen!
~ Coach D.

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