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Why focusing just on RESULTS doesn't work

#habits goals results May 04, 2021

May the 4th be with you, Derith!

Anyone else tempted to say, "and also with you"??? Ha, ha!

Well, Happy May! It's a brand new month, a new start, and hopefully a refreshed outlook on what's lies ahead of us. In my coach head & in the FIERCE life, a new month always brings with it a chance to set new goals to focus on.


I'm curious, what are YOUR goals for May?

Most of the time when I ask this question, I get answers like, "lose weight", "more energy", "drink less wine", "make a million dollars", etc


And, while these technically are goals, they are all OUTCOME goals meaning that they are identifying the outcome or RESULT we are after.

This is the first step in the goal-setting process because it is imperative we know where we want to go; BUT it's setting PROCESS goals that ultimately determines whether or not we achieve the goals we set.



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CHOOSE Your Thoughts - And See Possibility Everywhere!

“She’s a dreamer, a doer, a thinker.  She sees possibility everywhere.” - Unknown

I love this quote and to me it describes the FIERCE woman...

* we DREAM big for our goals

* we DO take action on what’s necessary to move forward

* we THINK positively to create empowered choices

* we SEE possibility everywhere because we choose to BELIEVE

That last line… “we choose to believe”, can be a tricky one.

At this moment, there are countless beliefs you have about yourself, your family, the world, & life in general, and just thinking about them can trigger many thoughts and memories and feelings…good, bad, and indifferent.  

Unfortunately, when it comes to beliefs about ourselves, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold us back from feeling good in our skin, trying new things, going for it despite the fear - are an easy go-to. They may feel true on core level because of a real-life experience...

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How to Feel Accomplished in 5 Minutes!

I don't know about you, but my usual go-to at the end of pretty much anything is, "what's next"? 

Whether it is the end of an hour, the end of the day, or in today's case, the end of the month.

"Ok, so that's done. Now what do I have to do?" That sounds positive and feels exciting doesn't it?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  

But alas, it is human nature for us to move so quickly from one to-do item to the next, that we barely acknowledge anything we have accomplished and instead just focus on all of the things we still have to do.  Sound familiar?   

(Hmm, I wonder why we feel tired a lot of the time...) 

Today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite techniques for feeling accomplished FAST - no matter how big (or never-ending) the to-do list.  This is a QUICK strategy you can adopt hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, to recognize and celebrate ...
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3 Easy Ways to Get Back on Track When You Fall Off the Wagon

fitness goals nutrition Jul 24, 2018

Let's be really honest here - how often do you give yourself credit for accomplishing all of your fitness and nutrition goals?

OR - do you focus MORE on the times when you:

• slipped up and had ice cream 
• indulged in a slice of pizza (or 4) 
• skipped a workout in favor of Netflix
• couldn't make it to the gym on time because of "x, y or z"

And then (WORSE) beat yourself up for these common occurrences (which are totally normal, by the way) and feel - well.... kinda like a failure at meeting your wellness goals?


And you wanna know what?  Getting off track is PART OF THE PROCESS in achieving your goals.  It happens to the best of us! (Me included).   

Check out this short, sweet video where I give you my Top 3 Tips for Easily Getting Back on Track- and most importantly avoid feeling like a failure. 

The quick snapshot: 

1. Know your final destination and your 1st pit stop. 

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