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CHOOSE Your Thoughts - And See Possibility Everywhere!

“She’s a dreamer, a doer, a thinker.  She sees possibility everywhere.” - Unknown

I love this quote and to me it describes the FIERCE woman...

* we DREAM big for our goals

* we DO take action on what’s necessary to move forward

* we THINK positively to create empowered choices

* we SEE possibility everywhere because we choose to BELIEVE

That last line… “we choose to believe”, can be a tricky one.

At this moment, there are countless beliefs you have about yourself, your family, the world, & life in general, and just thinking about them can trigger many thoughts and memories and feelings…good, bad, and indifferent.  

Unfortunately, when it comes to beliefs about ourselves, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold us back from feeling good in our skin, trying new things, going for it despite the fear - are an easy go-to. They may feel true on core level because of a real-life experience...

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