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3 Easy Ways to Get Back on Track When You Fall Off the Wagon

fitness goals nutrition Jul 24, 2018

Let's be really honest here - how often do you give yourself credit for accomplishing all of your fitness and nutrition goals?

OR - do you focus MORE on the times when you:

• slipped up and had ice cream 
• indulged in a slice of pizza (or 4) 
• skipped a workout in favor of Netflix
• couldn't make it to the gym on time because of "x, y or z"

And then (WORSE) beat yourself up for these common occurrences (which are totally normal, by the way) and feel - well.... kinda like a failure at meeting your wellness goals?


And you wanna know what?  Getting off track is PART OF THE PROCESS in achieving your goals.  It happens to the best of us! (Me included).   

Check out this short, sweet video where I give you my Top 3 Tips for Easily Getting Back on Track- and most importantly avoid feeling like a failure. 

The quick snapshot: 

1. Know your final destination and your 1st pit stop. 

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What To Eat After a Weekend of Indulging


As we bring March to a close this week, I wanted to share my best tips for "spring cleaning" the body after an indulgent weekend.

Oh how we love our weekends! The freedom with our schedules, a little extra sleep, the endless possibilities of things to do... and at the same time it can be easy to overdo it when it comes to our cocktails and treats.

Let's be honest... sometimes that is our goal for the weekend! And, it is just FUNto let go and "go for the gold" when it comes to the culinary fare we have access to these days.

We also know that too many of these days can leave us feeling lethargic, stuffed, and in need of a detox. So, today I have some simple tricks on how to recover after a night or weekend of overindulging to help reset your body.

Remember that the primary goal after a weekend of indulging is to rehydrate our body and reset our digestive system so it is ready to resume normal eating.

Here are my Weekend Recovery Tips:

Drink... water that is.

  • Drink 20oz first thing...
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Coach D's Favorite Meal Prep Tips

lifestyle nutrition Feb 14, 2018

Here are some of my favorite and FAST meal prep tips that I use every Sunday!

Remember that every little bit counts! 


~ Coach D. 

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