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How to Feel Accomplished in 5 Minutes!

I don't know about you, but my usual go-to at the end of pretty much anything is, "what's next"? 

Whether it is the end of an hour, the end of the day, or in today's case, the end of the month.

"Ok, so that's done. Now what do I have to do?" That sounds positive and feels exciting doesn't it?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  

But alas, it is human nature for us to move so quickly from one to-do item to the next, that we barely acknowledge anything we have accomplished and instead just focus on all of the things we still have to do.  Sound familiar?   

(Hmm, I wonder why we feel tired a lot of the time...) 

Today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite techniques for feeling accomplished FAST - no matter how big (or never-ending) the to-do list.  This is a QUICK strategy you can adopt hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, to recognize and celebrate ...
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39 Years of Lessons, Quotes, & Thoughts

39 Years of Lessons, Quotes & Thoughts…

Today is July 10th and it is my birthday.

It's funny, growing up birthdays were never a big deal so even now, at 39, it feels a bit strange to announce, "It's my birthday!"  

Sure, I had parties and cake, but nothing too special... well, except for my 10th birthday which was epic!  A slumber party, a cake that looked like a hamburger, staying up 'til midnight, and a white Swatch watch... yeah, that was a big one.

But, here I am, 29 years later realizing that I only really started celebrating in the last few years.  I actually used to pride myself on working on my birthday, demanding no one bought me any gifts, and purposely not making a fuss of it.

Why?  Well, I guess there could be a million reasons but I believe it mostly comes down to not wanting to be boastful or proud or one of those people...

But as I am learning to flip my mindset from lack to abundance, I am embracing my birthday as a big deal.  It...

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