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What To Eat After a Weekend of Indulging


As we bring March to a close this week, I wanted to share my best tips for "spring cleaning" the body after an indulgent weekend.

Oh how we love our weekends! The freedom with our schedules, a little extra sleep, the endless possibilities of things to do... and at the same time it can be easy to overdo it when it comes to our cocktails and treats.

Let's be honest... sometimes that is our goal for the weekend! And, it is just FUNto let go and "go for the gold" when it comes to the culinary fare we have access to these days.

We also know that too many of these days can leave us feeling lethargic, stuffed, and in need of a detox. So, today I have some simple tricks on how to recover after a night or weekend of overindulging to help reset your body.

Remember that the primary goal after a weekend of indulging is to rehydrate our body and reset our digestive system so it is ready to resume normal eating.

Here are my Weekend Recovery Tips:

Drink... water that is.

  • Drink 20oz first thing...
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Energy IN vs Energy OUT

energy fierce habits lifestyle Feb 06, 2018

The F.I.E.R.C.E. Life

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Energy In vs Out

Say hello to February!

Did it take anyone else the first 6 days of the month to actually admit that it is, in fact, here?

Or, was that just me?

Oh February, you cute little month, you!

You are short and sweet and almost always centered around love.

Now, I love "love" just as much as the next person, but that warm-and-fuzzy February feeling isn't quite how I'd describe what's lingering after our first thirty-something days of the year.


Well, January was meaty!

And, I'm not talking ground-turkey-meaty which is easily be broken up & stirred.


I'm talking T-bone-meaty... thick and marbled and tough in parts, a few tender bites here and there... and mostly leaving us feeling the way you do after eating an actual T-bone steak ... fatigued, heavy, and in need of a nap.

Yeah... that kind of meaty.

And while we can also say that January was full and productive and a necessary transition after the holidays, the...

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