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"Here I am... again." ~ How the Pain of Being Stuck is Actually Your Power

“Here I am… again.”

This was my (defeating) thought this past Sunday as I moved into the FIFTH place I’ve lived since arriving in MA less than 3 years ago.

The familiar lug of heavy boxes, endless bags, HUGE plastic bins, and the bits and bobbles we seem to take with us everywhere we go, even though we don’t really need them.  

There I was...again...back and forth between huffing & puffing from going up and down the stairs, the sighs of overwhelm, silently cursing as I bump an elbow or a knee on a corner; and some tears.  These tears were partly out of frustration, partly from being alone, and mostly from the pain of thinking, “Here I am, again”.

Let’s take a quick step back…   

For those of you that don’t know, I moved to MA from TX in March of 2016 to create a life that I imagined to be PERFECT!  After living in TX for 36 years at this point, this was an adventure of a lifetime…...

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39 Years of Lessons, Quotes, & Thoughts

39 Years of Lessons, Quotes & Thoughts…

Today is July 10th and it is my birthday.

It's funny, growing up birthdays were never a big deal so even now, at 39, it feels a bit strange to announce, "It's my birthday!"  

Sure, I had parties and cake, but nothing too special... well, except for my 10th birthday which was epic!  A slumber party, a cake that looked like a hamburger, staying up 'til midnight, and a white Swatch watch... yeah, that was a big one.

But, here I am, 29 years later realizing that I only really started celebrating in the last few years.  I actually used to pride myself on working on my birthday, demanding no one bought me any gifts, and purposely not making a fuss of it.

Why?  Well, I guess there could be a million reasons but I believe it mostly comes down to not wanting to be boastful or proud or one of those people...

But as I am learning to flip my mindset from lack to abundance, I am embracing my birthday as a big deal.  It...

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Two Little Words: "Thank You"

fierce gratitude habits Dec 12, 2017

Here is a quick note about the immense power of two little words. "Thank You."  

How many times can you say, "thank you" today?  

Try it.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by what you get back.


~ Coach D. 

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