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CHOOSE Your Thoughts - And See Possibility Everywhere!

“She’s a dreamer, a doer, a thinker.  She sees possibility everywhere.” - Unknown

I love this quote and to me it describes the FIERCE woman...

* we DREAM big for our goals

* we DO take action on what’s necessary to move forward

* we THINK positively to create empowered choices

* we SEE possibility everywhere because we choose to BELIEVE

That last line… “we choose to believe”, can be a tricky one.

At this moment, there are countless beliefs you have about yourself, your family, the world, & life in general, and just thinking about them can trigger many thoughts and memories and feelings…good, bad, and indifferent.  

Unfortunately, when it comes to beliefs about ourselves, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold us back from feeling good in our skin, trying new things, going for it despite the fear - are an easy go-to. They may feel true on core level because of a real-life experience but they're usually based in fear, not truth.  When you hear yourself saying things like, “I am not _____ enough.” or “What if I ____?”, then you have a limiting belief.

As we  quickly move from summer to fall, and all of the busyness that brings: overwhelm, just trying to keep up, going from one thing to the next without taking time for ourselves - much less a full breath  -  it's easy to choose the belief  that this will year will be just like last year.  

And get stuck on the loop of :

"What have I actually done with myself?" 

"It's almost Halloween (how is that possible?) I'm nowhere near accomplishing my goals" 

"New Year's Resolutions? I lost sight of those a LONG TIME AGO" 

Guess what?  It CAN be different.  

YOU can CHOOSE differently. 

Take a few minutes and ask yourself the following questions:(Try not to overanalyze and go with your first, gut response)


1) What's working for me right now?  How will I continue this?

2) What isn't working? What's my obstacle to shifting this?

3) My top 3 goals are: 


4) If I could only focus on ONE of these goals, I'll focus on: 


You can also download the Reflect and Reassess Worksheet, print it and post your answers in a visible place as a daily reminder to keep you focused on your goals until the end-of-the year. 

What did you notice? Any negative beliefs creeping into your answers? And if so, that's completely normal! 

HOWEVER - the more we identify and expose these negative or limiting beliefs, as well as reflect on what is true & reassess our infinite possibilities, the more we'll continue to dream big, feel empowered and take action toward our goals.

 When we interrupting our obstacles... thoughts, excuses, beliefs, people, or otherwise...possibility becomes reality.


~ Coach D. 



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