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Will It Make the Boat Go Faster?

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2020

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"Will it make the boat go faster?"

This one question changed the training-game for this British rowing team who took home the gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Great Britain hadn't won a gold medal in rowing since 1912. This one question allowed them to define the difference between being merely interested in a goal and being fiercely committed to a goal.

 Every decision, activity, choice, behavior, and action was met with this question, "Will it make the boat go faster?" And, if the answer was no, then they didn't do it.

No to the donut.

No to one more drink.

No to a late night out with friends.

No to skipping a workout.

No to taking weekends off.

No to hitting the snooze button.

No to slacking.

No to not finishing what you started.

You get the idea...

Here's another question for you?

Does the idea of achieving the goals you have sound interesting or "nice"? Or, are you truly committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals because deep down you know that is the way to get the results you want? 

Interested or committed? Your results are dependent on this answer.

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This single question allowed them to measure everything they did against their one goal: WIN GOLD.  Not only did this keep their goal at the forefront of their thoughts, it allowed them to overcome obstacles and not get derailed by the little things that typically throw people off course.

So, what about you? Are your daily choices making your boat go faster?

Are you at 80%, 50%, 30%, 5%? Perhaps it's time for a little reflection on the things that are slowing your boat down?

Well, I got a worksheet for that! Haha! Yup, you knew that was coming. This little sheet will help you identify what you want to keep, what to eliminate, and what to refine as we move forward.

Click the link below to download the sheet. I challenge you to complete this sheet this week and allow it to guide you through the rest of the month!

Yes? Yes! What do you have to lose? 

It's time to speed things up my friends!

Choose the things that make your boat go faster. Period.

And, you already have the answers. Allow yourself to get quiet enough to hear them. Use the sheet above if you want a bit more guidance.

You can always reach out to me for more ideas if you need them! Reply to this email or give me a call at 832-221-4966!

Believing in YOU,

~ Coach D. xo


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