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When You Don't Have Time

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2020


"Who's got time for that?"

Yup, I think we've all said that at some time or another when it comes to something we would like to do but don't have enough time to do it... 

Or, we sometimes have the time to do it but you know... life happens.

And, hands-down, anytime I ask what the biggest obstacle to doing what we want to do, not having enough TIME is the #1 answer.

So, I have put together several 5-minute time hacks to help you incorporate healthy habits into your busy days as quickly as possible. 

Make it happen!

~ Coach D. xo



  • Here's a playlist of 5, 5-minute workouts you can do anywhere!
  • No equipment needed for these!

💆‍♀️ Foam Rolling 💆‍♀️

  • Here's a playlist  of 5 foam rolling techniques (+ a bonus) you can use any day you need it!
  • Try one a day and you'll feel the difference in less than a week!

🍽 Breakfast Ideas🍽

  • I LOVE the Lean Green Bean blog!
  • Lindsay is a Registered Dietitian who gets the challenge of wanting to each healthy meals but not having the time or energy to cook them!
  • Enter: 5-Minute Breakfast Recipes These babies "can be made from start to finish in 5-minutes or less!" 

📝 New Month, New Plan Journal📝

  • A 5-minute journaling prompt to help you rock February!
  • The beginning of a new month is the ideal time to reflect, reassess what you're working on this month, and refresh your approach on how to get there.
  • Here's one of my favorite planning tools to set yourself up for a stellar month!


Let's show February how it's done and kick the excuse "I don't have time" to the curb!

You got this and I've got your back!

~ Coach D. xo


Paleo Banana Bread

From The Roasted Root

Recipe below!

Photo Credit: The Rusted Root  

This paleo banana bread recipe is made quickly in your blender and only requires a handful of straight-forward ingredients. Made with almond flour and pure maple syrup, this comforting banana bread is grain-free and refined sugar-free.


Blue Skye Retreat

Taos, NM

April 1-5, 2020

Tell Me More About The Blue Sky Retreat!

It’s Official!
Our first retreat in 2020 is in magical Taos, NM, at the stunning Blue Skye Retreat and Bed & Breakfast!

💕 This historical space is the kind of place where “every chair has a story.”

There’s a yoga yurt, a meditation labyrinth, star gazing deck, and chili pepper 🌶 shaped hot tub at our retreat home! Single, double, and triple room options are available. 

💕Hiking and visiting the extraordinary views at the Río Grande Gorge, Visiting & shopping in historic Taos Plaza & a full day soaking up the healing power of hot mineral springs at the Ojo Caliente Spa!

New Mexico truly has magical powers & we’re going to experience every little nugget available to Heal, Transform, & Empower from the inside out!!

Checkout this video to see more about Blue Skye!!

Come feel the magic!

Believing in YOU,

~ Coach D. xo




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