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Summer Party Guide ~ Drinks, Apps, Mains, Desserts, & More!

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2020

I love July...

July is the quintessential summer month. Everything we love about summer can be wrapped up in these fabulous 31 days.

Well, this is the final week of our favorite summer month and while our social life looks a little different than it did in past summers, the party doesn't have to end!

Today I am sharing our FIERCE Summer Party Guide that breaks down everything from drinks to appetizers/snacks to the main dishes, to desserts, and even some of my favorites!

In the FIERCE life, you can have your party and eat it too! In this fun little guide you'll find everything you need to have a healthy and delicious summer party regardless of how many guests you have or how far apart they need to be!


~ Coach D. xo

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Enjoy the party & stay FIERCE!

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