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Sleep, Sex, & The Snooze Button

fierce habits lifestyle sleep Feb 13, 2018

The F.I.E.R.C.E. Life

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sleep, Sex, & the Snooze Button

Did those three little "S" words get your attention?

"What do these words have in common", you ask? Well, except for the fact that they all start with the letter "s"?

These three things are drastically affected by our ENERGY, which just so happens to be our theme for February.

When our energy levels are lacking, it's usually because we aren't getting enough sleep which means we are hitting the snooze button far too often and for the other "s"... well, it can feel as farfetched of an option as the vision of you jumping out of bed each morning ready to seize the day!

As for our three little "s" words... on any given day we may think we don't get enough, we want more, and perhaps we do one of them more often then we'd like.

I will leave it to you to decide where those answers go in the lineup...and I'll leave it to Dr. Ruth for guidance on the other "s".

So, let's dive in to where I can help...

While we don't have to leap out of bed as a sign that we have energy, we CAN wakeup feeling ready & excited about the day by simply focusing on what I call the "domino habit", SLEEP.

"The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body.

The more efficient your body, the better you feel,

and the more you will use your talent

to produce outstanding results."

Tony Robbins

I call sleep the "domino habit" because whether you get plenty of it or not enough, it can set off a domino effect, in either direction, of thoughts, choices, & moments that have the power to dictate your day.

Not enough sleep...

Wakeup confused by the sound of alarm, hit snooze, hit snooze again, get up, feel tired, spill coffee, running late, and then, traffic..stress & react mode

Plenty of sleep..

Wakeup before the alarm, stretch and smile, sip coffee, quick & easy morning routine, eat breakfast, on time, and then, traffic...but much easier to handle!

While the latter scenario seems a bit idyllic, it can be close to your reality with just a few simple tips to increase the quality and quantity of your sleep.

5 Tips for better SLEEP... so you don't need a coffee IV:

  • Create An Oasis
    • Upgrade your bedroom... bed, pillow, duvet, sheets, pajamas, lighting, partner... ok, maybe not partner, but anywhere you can so that your space is deliciously comfortable & invites restful sleep
    • Typically, a darker & colder room lends itself to better sleep
  • Your Last Supper
    • Ideally your last bite is 3 hours before bed with a minimum of 30 minutes
    • Digestion requires a good amount of energy so if our body is busy breaking down food instead of beginning our sleep cycles, our sleep will be restless and intermittent at best leaving us ready to snooze more than seize.
  • Turn off 30 min before bed
    • It takes at least 30 minutes for our brains to "stop" after using anything with a screen
    • Instead try stretching, reading, or journaling
  • Exercise to move your body
    • Our bodies were designed to MOVE & the more we move the better everything functions, including sleepLift, twist, push, pull, bend, crawl, jump, dance...anything goes! Just move daily!
  • Caffeine-free after 3
    • Stick to caffeine-free beverages after 3pm to ensure your body has ample opportunity to completely process any prior caffeine before it is time to wind down.

The truth is most of what boosts our energy is within our control... sleep, hydration, exercise, food... and can be considered common sense approaches to feeling more energetic in our days.

But, like one my favorite people in the world, Brendon Burchard says, "common sense isn't always common practice".

Which sleep tips are you going to try?

Just one can make a difference.

Reply to let me know what you choose!

Believing in YOU,

Coach D.


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