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Are You in Rut, or Are You in a Shift?

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

How are you feeling today? 

How are you really feeling today? 

Good, Fine, Meh, Ok...?

My hope is that your answer is an astounding "GREAT" or "WONDERFUL" or "AWESOME"... or something of that sort. 

However, if it isn't and yours is closer to the first words I listed above, then take a deep breath. Fill your lungs to the brim with air. Hold. Now, release slowly. Now, take another one. Smile and know that it's absolutely normal to feel this way, especially this time of year. 

We're coming out of winter hibernation, regardless of where you live, and just like everything else in nature, we are CHANGING.

It's common to feel stuck or in a rut where things are "ho-hum" and you aren't feeling particularly inspired in any one area of your life. 

But, guess what?  This is actually GREAT news!  

Wait, what?  

How can feeling less than inspired be great news?

This sensation is a sign that you are SHIFTING, that you are ready for growth, for change, for something different, or something new and THAT IS a wonderful thing, my friend!

You're not in a rut or lazy, you're simply READY!

  • When you're shifting, you realize that what once used to inspire you, no longer does.
  • When you're shifting, you crave new conversations, new ideas, and new surroundings. 
  • When you're shifting, you begin to hear your voice more often, telling you to take action and move in a different direction.
  • When you're shifting, you're a little uncomfortable, perhaps even a little frustrated...

And, this is all so, so GOOD!

Today, I encourage you to make a shift in ANY direction.  It can be as simple as eating something different for breakfast or as big as making a career switch.  What you actually do for the shift is less important than choosing to shift! 

Go for it! Every little shift matters! 

I shared a bit about my own "rut" and how I realized I was actually shifting instead in this video. 

How are you shifting this week? Or maybe you need help making the shift?

Book a Behavior Coaching Session with me and we’ll make the shift a smooth ride. 


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