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Just one extra degree makes all the difference.

fierce habit lifestyle Apr 02, 2019

At 211 degrees, water is hot.

At 212 degrees, it boils.

And with boiling water, comes steam.

And with steam, you can power a train.


Just one extra degree makes all the difference.


One degree. One itty bitty movement forward.

That difference creates a ripple effect of power, of change, of IMPACT!

YES! Extraordinary results can begin with one small change and lead to maximum achievement in life, in business, and in your health! 

What could your one degree be this month?

Think small...


And, guess what???

212 is exactly the number of pairs of shoes FIERCE donated to Soles4Souls with your help!

Now, THAT'S power!!!

I am blown away by the love and generosity of our FIERCE family!  Look what we were able to do, ONE PAIR OF SHOES at a time!! 

Thank YOU to everyone who donated, who added that one degree! 

This is what YOU have given to so many people...


The sale of 1 pair of shoes can provide 5 meals for Marie-Ange and her family in Haiti.


20 pairs of shoes can provide a year’s worth of shelter for Ginette and her family in Haiti.


30 pairs of shoes can provide a year’s worth of schooling for Tracy’s daughter in Honduras.


 I also want to give a FIERCE Shoutout to:

  • Devon Laidman who helped me count, box, & ship!
  • Michael at UPS who helped us ship 28 boxes!
  • And, to Zappos for Good for providing all of the labels so we could ship 212 pairs for FREE!  

This is what's possible when good people come together for a great cause!  We all put in our one degree and make the impossible becomes possible!

Thank YOU!!!!


What is your ONE DEGREE today?

Tomorrow? For April?

Think small.  Break it down to just one degree. That is where the answers are to most questions we have.

I want to know yours! 

Reply to this email to let me know! I am here for you! 

Believing in YOU and the POWER we create together!

~ Coach D. xo

Believing in YOU,

~ Coach D. 


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