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A Full Month of Workouts!!!

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2020

Fitness is the name of the game for June.

And, we are LEVELING UP!

Now is the time to double-down on our health so we are strong and healthy and ready for all of the upcoming transitions into post-quarantine life.

Fitness is the foundation of living a fierce life and the anchor of physical health, so that is our focus all month long! As always, our mission is to give you the tools to make healthy habits easier to do so that you are consistent and get the results you are after!

We have all of your workouts for the rest of the month ready to go! You are all set baby!  All you need to do is download our June Workout Calendar & then click the video link and move!

Plus, we have a couple more resources below! Check them out!


June Workout Calendar

+ Links to Workout Videos!!

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Click calendar to download pdf!

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No matter what your fitness goal is, weights/resistance training should dominate your weekly workout routine. And, we've done the work for you with this calendar! Just follow along and you'll hit your fitness from every angle!

As a general rule of thumb, assuming there are no health risks or specific needs*, this is the weekly workout split we recommend:

  • Weights: 2-4x per week, basically as heavy as you can lift
  • Cardio: 2-3x per week (with at least 1 short duration, high intensity workout & 1 longer steady-state workout)
  • Yoga/Pilates: 1x per week
  • Active rest/recover: 1x per week

* Always consult a physician prior to beginning a new exercise routine to ensure you clear, healthy, & ready to go!


Blank Workout Calendar

Create your own monthly workout routine anytime with this blank calendar! We recommend displaying it somewhere you'll see it everyday so it stays top of mind.

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Click calendar to download!

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Is consistency an obstacle for you?

Try out one of these 7 tips below to help keep you accountable and on track!

  1. Schedule First
    • Schedule your workouts at the beginning of your week/month BEFORE other appointments to ensure it is on your calendar first.
  2. Back-Up Plan
    • Always have a back-up plan because ... life.  An afternoon walk, a video, a go-to workout. Anything goes as long as you have a "just in case" plan.
  3. Focus on consistency in frequency rather than intense workouts.
    • Always do SOMETHING. A 5-min walk, 5-min of push-ups and squats... just move. The goal is create the habit of moving our body every single day. Only have 1 minute? Then crush that 60 seconds baby!
  4. Tie your workout to other habits/tasks
    • Saturday morning yoga followed by grocery shopping
    • Friday morning workout followed by coffee with
  5. Accountability
    • Meet a friend, schedule class on app, pay for it in advance
  6. Remove Obstacles
    • Have your workout clothes/shoes ready to go, check the weather, give yourself plenty of time to drive (if necessary). And, if you are not a morning person, do not schedule your workouts in the morning.
  7. Do something you enjoy
    • Dance, play a game, etc... when you look forward to doing something, you are much more likely to do it!

If you find yourself starting over again and again or always feel like you can't stick to a routine, then let's chat! Book a 30-minute complimentary habits coaching call with me and we'll figure out where your roadblocks are!

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Don't forget to do our Meet It or Beat It Challenge too!

Boom! We kicked this off last Monday and had a blast!! Every Monday in June we are challenging ourselves to LEVEL UP our fitness with a 6-Exercise challenge! You are only competing against yourself & you've got nothing to lose!  And, we are coaching you through this LIVE @3pm EST every Monday!

Join us every Monday by clicking here!


We are grateful for every single one of you and love that we've been able to power through this challenging time together!

Let's COMMIT to LEVEL UP our fitness for the remaining 21 days of June! Use our June workout calendar, blank calendar, and our Meet It or Beat It challenge to push you to the next level!

You can do this! We got your back! And, if you want more guidance, then please reply  to this email so I can help you!  Or, book a 30-minute complimentary coaching call with me so we can create a plan of action!

Believing in YOU,

~ Coach D. xo


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