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Joyful Conversations, hearty laughs & strong hugs

370 days.

That's the our count since the "shutdown" happened for FIERCE. March 18, 2020, was our last class at the Garage Gym.

And here we are... not quite shutdown anymore but not quite back to normal...and definitely headed towards the bright side. 

Sliver Linings... yes, that saying can feel cliche and also carries so much truth for us these days. I know I have used it more times in the past year than in the previous 40 years of my life. 

This pandemic did come with silver linings and while they are different for all of us, I feel that this rings true for most...

We soon realized it was not the material things we missed, but the human contact. We craved for the company of others, joyful conversations, hearty laughs, and strong hugs... in the end that's what mattered most and that's what life is all about.

There was, and still is, an abundance of things I wouldn't have learned, felt, or experienced if it weren't for the pandemic; and the more I express appreciation for them, the easier it is to create the strength to keep going.

And, in true Coach D. fashion, I am sharing my list of favs below...


Me and my boys, Owen & Fran, at Nantasket Beach on September 12, 2020.


The things I would've missed without quarantine:

  • the cat across the street chasing birds, butterflies, & grasshoppers in the spring/summer and pouncing in the snow in the winter... hours of entertainment!
  • Fran's very strange morning routine... to each, their own.
  • the leak in our bathroom upstairs which was there for a couple of years apparently... turned into new cabinets in the kitchen.
  • summer weekends at Nantasket Beach (pictured above)... we were there for about 10 weekends in 2020 and are going back this summer for a full week!
  • random mid-morning coffee chats with Fran which created precious moments that we'll cherish forever
  • seeing my niece, Maya, who struggles with severe anxiety thrive with at-home/virtual schooling
  • meeting tons of client's pets and family members since I was "in their home" via Zoom
  • watching our FIERCE tribe embrace technology and learn how to Zoom (game changer!)
  • Facetiming with my father who still doesn't realize where the camera actually... mostly saw his forehead or hat during our conversations
  • seeing people soak up nature and enjoy time outside...almost like it was the first time
  • using the term "my shows" for all the things I watched on Netflix
  • seeing kindness in so many who sacrificed for others in many ways
  • being able to offer comfort and solace to those who were grieving the loss of loved ones
  • newborn baby Zooms
  • music bingo Zooms
  • reading, reading, reading... there are so many fantastic books out there!
  • letting go of a lot of little things that used to cause so much stress... but all of a sudden there were gone and didn't matter.
  • most of all, it was the time... all of this new found time not to "do" but to simply "be"... what a gift.

What's on your list?

What are your fondest memories of quarantine? What are the things that wouldn't have happened otherwise?

This is also a great conversation to have around the dinner table with your family. Everyone's eyes and brains and hearts see and feel differently and the perspective can be awe-inspiring at the least.

Soak it up. Every drop.

Believing in YOU,

~ Coach D. xo


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