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Could it be true? Facebook... the king of social media, broken?

fierce habit lifestyle Mar 14, 2019

Could it be true?

Facebook... the king of social media, broken?

Oh yes. 


Sheer panic set in yesterday as millions of people weren't able to share what they were doing and/or see what other people were doing... which at its core is what social media proves...amiright?

From the conversations I had, people were either completely paralyzed without access to social media or their productivity skyrocketed because the primary source of distractions was not an option for hours on end. 

What about you?


As I experienced a roller coaster of emotions yesterday, including both extremes above, I realized that I spend a lot of time:

  1. Comparing myself to others
  2. Wondering what people think about me
  3. Being distracted from tasks that truly are important... usually as an avoidance tactic


So, what's a girl who runs 1/2 her business and spends hours on social media daily do when it's taken away?


Yes!  I called people (remember when we used to talk on the phone?), I wrote birthday cards/thank you notes, and I CREATED a ton of ideas for summer programs, special events, and more ways to make our lives as FIERCE as possible!

(... I even tackled a huge project I've been procrastinating on for years that I will share more about over the next month or so...)


The takeaways?

When we DISCONNECT from the outside noise:

  • We RECONNECT with ourselves in a way that brings us closer to who we truly are.
  • We SWIM in a space of possibility without comparison, without doubt, and without worry because all that exists is that moment.
  • We ALLOW our unique gifts to shine which is the most beautiful gift we have to offer this world! 


Whatever your noisy distraction is... social media, online shopping, eating, comparison, the news, etc., I ask that today, you unplug, you disconnect, you give yourself some space to REMEMBER all of the goodness and beauty and love and inspiration and creativity that lives inside of you. 

It's always been there... we just have to turn down the volume to hear it. 

And, when you do, when you truly listen, you'll be blown away by what you hear. 

~ Coach D. xo



Believing in YOU,

~ Coach D. 


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