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The BRAVEST move you can make.


"Sometimes asking for help is the bravest move you can make.  You don't have to go it alone."


Oh boy, not only did I think I could do it alone, but I tried and I tried and I tried. "It" being pretty much EVERYTHING in my life. 

Honestly, I didn't ask for help until about a year ago when it was practically forced on me through a mini-intervention at Cafe Nero, a local coffee shop here. 

You two know who you are and my heart is forever grateful. xo

This intervention came after a 2nd round of Shingles for me (yeah... I know) as a desperate plea for me to slow down, get my bearings, and say yes to all of the people who were offering to help me.  

And I did... after some tears, a lot of deep breaths, and swallowing my pride, of course.  

Up to this point, I was a self-proclaimed Super Woman who not only could do everything but should do everything by herself, with a smile.  That makes me laugh now...


Asking for help became a powerful shift that flipped weakness into courage, limits into possibilities, and relationships into deep friendships. 

If I had known THIS was on the other side of asking for help, oh baby, I would've asked decades ago!  But alas, we each learn our lessons exactly when we're ready to.

The lesson: When you ask for help, you open up doors and human connections that would otherwise be closed, allowing the universe to deliver for you.


This was a BIG lesson that continues to teach me every day.  It lead me to ask for help over and over again in all areas of my life and lead me to recruit an all female Mastermind made up of entrepreneurs/business owners who wanted to be on the giving and receiving end of asking for help.

And, here we are!

We are FIERCE female entrepreneurs/business owners who have banded together to lift each other up as we create a network of trusted resources for our clients to receive the best care possible.  

We believe that when like-minded women come together and serve to the best of our abilities, there is absolutely no limit to what we can do!

We are here to empower all women to RISE UP and embrace the uniqueness of our individual gifts as we encourage others to do the same!  


~ Meet our Mastermind ~

 Heather Smith, Be Grounded Massage 

~ Heather's goal is creating awareness and connection to mind body soul. "Self -care is not selfish and we need to invest in our wellness 401k." 

Nanci & Terri, Off Our Rocker Cookies

~ Nanci & Terri bring you plant-based cookies that are baked with soul, wrapped with love, & labeled with humor.  Taking orders for Valentine's Day now!

Mary Worthington, Home Instead Senior Care

~ Mary's mission is to give back which comes int he form of helping families navigate caring for our aging seniors with dignity.  

Tracy Cranley, Pine Straw

~ Tracy believes that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a great get together or beautiful home.  A little inspiration may be all you need!   

Soni Masur, Healer, Artist, Expander

~ Soni helps people get unstuck. new options and opportunities are floated your way to expand your tool box.  See Soni for your custom built session. 

Toni Carbone, Aromatherapy, Heart Healer, Writer

~ Toni is a firm believer that energy is everything and magic is found in radical forgiveness and surrender. Contact Toni for a 30-minute clarity call. 

Derith Cass, FIERCE By Choice

Coach D. is obsessed with teaching women how to fiercely love the skin they're in through fitness, healthy fuel, fulfillment, and friendships! 


In just a few months, our Mastermind has broken through barriers that were holding us back before we asked each other for help.  As a tribe, we've found clarity in our purpose and direction and have already expanded into new territory. 

Where can you ask for help in your life?  Are there any areas where you feel that you're supposed to to it ALL and do it all ALONE?  Well, that is a good place to start. 

We are here to help you Rise Up.  Reach out to us and see what becomes available to you when you simply ask for help. 

Believing in YOU,

~ Coach D. xo 


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