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The 20 Minute Secret for a Stellar 2020


Yesterday was the 20th day of 2020! Ba-Boom! I love the sound of that and thought it was the ideal time to share the 20 minute secret for a stellar 2020... which you can do every single day in the simplest of ways!

What's the secret???

I shared a quick coaching session about this in a video last night that you can watch below, and I also wanted to give you a quick rundown so you can get started today!

The secret to having stellar days, weeks, and months that turn into a stellar year is to start your morning the night before!

Yup, that's it! I know, I know... not the sexiest answer, and perhaps one you've heard before; but it IS the practical and actionable answer that will help propel you forward fast!

Setting aside 20 minutes each night to get started on tomorrow allows you to go to bed feeling relaxed, reduces the number of decisions you need to make in the morning, and creates a calmer start to your day!

Click the pic to watch the video or scroll down to read instead.

Our brains need time to wakeup in the morning before we ask it to start making decisions. Plus, when we begin our days trying to figure out what to eat, wear, and do, we set ourselves up for decision fatigue which makes decisions that much more difficult.

Just a little bit of time each night can create smooth sailing the next day! And, when you do this day after day, week after week, the compound effect is POWERFUL!

Want some ideas on what you can do during your 20 minute nighttime setup?

Here are 10 things you can do every night to set yourself up for success for tomorrow:

  1. Set a timer for 20 minutes - no texts, call, distractions
  2. Plan out your day from the time you wakeup until the time you go to sleep.
  3. Ask yourself what you need for each appointment/meeting
  4. Pack your workout clothes in your gym bag and set next to the door or  better yet, place them in your car
  5. Choose your work clothes for tomorrow & lay them out
  6. Pack your lunch and/or prep your breakfast
  7. Set up coffee maker
  8. Set out a glass/bottle of water to remind you to drink water before coffee or fill up your water bottle for the next day
  9. Set out vitamins (or any other habit you are cultivating this year) to remind you to take them first thing in the morning
  10. If tomorrow is trash day, take out the trash.

What can you do tonight from this list to get you ready for tomorrow?

Choose, decide, and then make it happen!

P.S. Every Monday I'm going LIVE to share my tips on how to have a FIERCE Week so if there's something you're struggling with, reply to let me know & I'll share solutions for you!

You got this and I've got your back!

~ Coach D. xo


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