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Spring C.L.E.A.N. ` Home, Body & Mind

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2020

Hellooooo March! 

It's heeeeerrrrrreeeeee!

Even though the first official day of spring isn't until March 19th, you already might be feeling the urge to pull out those rubber gloves, roll up your sleeves, and give your home a good top to bottom scrubbing.

And why not? Clearing out the clutter helps us prepare to enjoy the warm (and hopefully productive) months to come; and decluttering always feels good.

Well, this new year, 2020, is a also the start of a new decade and a FANTASTIC opportunity to do things a little differently to get us closer to that zen state we are seeking.

"What do we do differently?" you ask.  Well, we're going to spring clean not only our homes but our bodies and minds and "then some" too!

And, to make it easy, we're using the acronym C.L.E.A.N. for each category so you can immediately put these into fierce action baby!

Here we go! Check it out below!


  • C = Choose one room/space (or a category) to organize
    • For example you can choose your bedroom closet for a space or you could choose books as a category
    • Stick to just one to get it done by 3/31
  • L = Look around to visualize/imagine the future of this space 
    • What do you want see here? What do want to do here?
    • What's the feel you get of this space?
    • This will help steer you in the right direction 
  • E = Eliminate
    • Remove anything that doesn't belong in this space or that no longer serves you, your goals, and your zen state
    • Creating literal space helps create mental space
  • A = Add
    • What do you need to add to this space to create the feeling you are after?
    • Less is more.
    • No need to buy anything either. You can pull from other rooms/storage
  • N = Nip/Tuck
    • Edit as much as you need to so this space feels good and gives you what you need


  • C = Chemicals
    • Omit as many chemicals as possible in your internal/external environment
    • Use natural cleaning products in your home, chemical-free makeup, shampoo and skincare products
    • Eat foods that have super-short ingredient lists (1-5 max) & as close to the earth as possible
  • L = Liquid
    • aka Hydration!
    • Drink water, water and more water. 
    • Adding in electrolytes also allows your body to stay hydrated & boosts immunity
  • E = Eat Veggies
    • As often as humanly possible!!!
    • Breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner - everywhere you can!
    • Spring brings with it lots of options here!
  • A = Activity
    • Move your body daily in a variety of ways to increase circulation/oxygen to brain and body
    • No need to CRUSH IT everyday, just move
    • I recommend weights, yoga, and interval cardio each week
  • N = Never Eat Mindlessly
    • Eat "screen-free" as often as possible so you can focus on your food - no computer, tv or phone
    • Do not eat directly from a package/box/bag either as we tend to eat 2-3x a regular portion size


  • C = Close Your Eyes
    • Get quiet each day to just sit and feel
    • First thing in the morning and just before bed are great times to practice this
    • This is a form of meditation & it can look anyway you want it to
  • L = Listen
    • What is your body saying? What is your brain saying?
    • The goal here isn't to stop thinking but rather to let thoughts come & go without attaching to them
    • Imagine your thoughts as horses jumping around... watch the horse, just don't get on the horse!
  • E = Exhale Completely
    • Empty your lungs & hold that exhale for a few seconds
    • Then breathe in through your nose, fully & deeply, all the way down into your belly and just feel your body melt
    • Take as many breaths as you need to release
  • A = Allow
    • Simply allow anything that comes up in your mind or body to come up
    • You could have creative ideas, you could have a to-do list, you could feel a certain emotion
    • It is neither good nor bad, just a chance to sit and feel
  • N = New Thought
    • What's the happiest new thought you can think of?
    • We are wired to focus on the negative or on lack and it's easy to go down that rabbit hole
    • Think of something that feels good as quickly as possible to interrupt your typical train of thought. 

And, Then Some for Everyday Life

  • C = Create a mental inventory
    • Write down everything that is in your mind
    • Getting it out and down on paper allows us to organize our thoughts & create an action plan to move forward
  • L = Laugh Everyday
    • Laughter is medicine for the heart & soul
    • Laugh as often as you can in as many ways as possible!
  • E = Example
    • Live by example
    • How do you want to show up in this world? Today, tomorrow?
    • When we lead and live by example we not allow create the experience we want to have for ourselves, we inspire others to rise up too!
  • A = Actionable Steps
    • What can you do today to move you forward?
    • The tiniest steps can have the biggest impact when they are intentional and done daily.
    • If your goals do not include something you can do right now, then break it down until it does.
  • N = Nourish
    • What do you need to nourish your mind, body, & soul?
    • Time away? Time with friends? A nap? A bath? A good book?
    • Define what that is for you & show yourself some love by giving it regularly

Simple is best and using the acronym C.L.E.A.N. can help us breakdown the process of decluttering this spring in all areas of our life!

I'd love to know which one of these is speaking to you & how you're going to make it a part of our daily routine in March!

Need more ideas or have questions?

Reach out to me at any time!!

You got this!

Believing in YOU,


~ Coach D. xo



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