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How Tough Change Leads To More Empowerment

She said, “You’re a bit the frayed edge on a pair of jeans, which at first glance looks rough but is actually quite stylish.”

Let’s call her “Stacey”, and that was the best compliment she could have ever given me because it rings true for me, especially in my current season of life.

 I have gone through a tremendous amount of change over the past 4 months and I am learning that it is this combination, of the light and the shadow, of the straight lines and the rough edges, that creates our brilliance.  I used to shy away from embracing the shadows, the rough edges, the pieces of my puzzle that didn’t seem to fit anywhere. But now, through this change, the ability to unapologetically own my story, every word, every sentence, every paragraph, and every chapter, has been life-changing to say the least.  

 To stand up and say that I have made mistakes, that I recognize my patterns, my shortcomings, my strengths, my accomplishments, my gifts, and everything in between is indescribably empowering.  

I used to fear change.  I used to try to control everything I could to stop change in its tracks. I actually believed I could stop it.  I even tried to flip my brain to believe that change is good.  

What I have learned is that change is change.  Neither good nor bad, right or wrong, just an ebb and a flow and a dance of life that IS the journey we seek.

Change is change. It is different. It is light.  It is dark. It is high. It is low. It is wonderful.  It is painful. It is exciting. It is confusing. It is empowering.  It is devastating. It is all of these things and more and this is why we have change:  to recognize and experience the extraordinary beauty of the contrast.

We are all multifaceted diamonds and that is what makes us shine.

Celebrate the multi facets that make up YOU.  

Today I ask that you dance in the wave of change.  It is waiting for to embrace it and let go.

Tell me in the comments below how you'll surrender to the process of change! 

~ D.


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