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Making Your Home-Space Work for You!

Making Your Home-Space Work for You!

It's been somewhere between 6-8 weeks for most of us since we've been homebound. We doing pretty much everything from our homes and so is everyone else in our families...what's a FIERCE lady to do?

Make your space work for YOU!

Even as we begin the transition back (albeit slowly) to activities, restaurants, etc, it is important to include the things into our spaces that allow us to feel supported, comfortable, relaxed, and productive.

And, this can be ANYTHING! There are no right or wrongs here. There's simply what works for you.

Today I am sharing my home-spaces to show you what I am doing to add a few touches here and there that create harmony in my pandemic life in the hopes they inspire you to take action!

Enjoy! ~ D. xo

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My Nespresso Machine

This is what kicks off my morning "work mode"ritual. I LOVE it. Not only am I saving over $50 a month but not going to Startbucks everyday, I have tons of flavors to choose from, it fills my kitchen with the oh-so-delicious aroma of coffee and it it's a little treat that keeps me feeling good!

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Our Family Whiteboard

This is where we share our love notes and positive vibes everyday! We mix up the theme every couple of weeks and our rule is that if you pass by it, you have to add something! It's brought hugs, tears, and laughter to our days!

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My Daily Menu

To avoid eating everything in my house at one time, I write down what I am going to eat that day every morning as part of my morning routine & to set the intention of nourishing my body through my food choices. It is flexible but man oh man does it keep me accountable!

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Happy Messages Everywhere

We have happy messages like this in every single room of our house... even the bathroom! Why? Because when we read those over and over again, they become your thoughts and mantras and actions!  Have fun with these! There are so many ways this can bring positivity into all spaces!

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My Powerhouse Books

These are my go-to books right now. I keep them in plain sight so I stay mindful of what I've learned by reading them. While I tend to lean towards the "self-help" category, I love choosing books that infuse a lot of humor into these life lessons and that has helped the messages stick like glue to my heart, body, and spirit.

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My Daily Mantra

I have what I need. I am safe. I am supported.  I have this little note inside of my planner which means I see it about 10x a day. Such a beautiful reminder that even though the situation is what it is, it becomes what we make of it; and, I have chosen to bask in the beauty of gratitude, feeling content, and knowing that the universe has my back!


How can you make your space work for you?

What can you add, delete, mix up that will allow you to feel nurtured, comfortable, and content?

Try it out, tweak it, try it again. Anything goes!

We got this baby!

Believing in YOU,

~ Coach D. xo


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