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Are you looking or waiting for a sign, something, anything that will give you direction and clarity on what you should do?

fierce habit lifestyle Mar 05, 2019

Are you looking or waiting for a sign Derith, something, anything that will give you direction and clarity on what you should do?

Most of us do...hoping, wishing, and praying that the answers will magically appear and fall in our laps so we don't have to decide. 

Sound familiar?

Why? Why do we do this?


Well, it's because we don't trust our ability to make the "right" decision or we fear that we'll make the wrong one; and probably a little bit of both. 

What I've learned, and am sharing with you today, is that the answers only come AFTER we make the commitment to move in a certain direction. 

The decision is what brings clarity and guides us forward.  Once we have that, then and only then do the answers appear to create the plan, the steps, the ACTION... not the other way around. 

And, I learned this past weekend that when it comes to my decisions, the 6th time is in fact the charm... 


We've all heard the phrase "third time's a charm" and because we've been conditioned to believe that the third time something is attempted, luck is sure to result.

Well, as hopeful as I was for lucky number 3, the 6th time ended up being the proverbial charm for me as I made my 6th move in 3 years... yep... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 moves; and at least for the next year, this one is the last. Boom!

I realized I was searching everywhere for answers, asking people, even strangers, what I should do which only pulls me away further from me and my truth.  When I I saw the quote above, it hit me like a punch to the stomach... that was it!!


I NEEDED TO COMMIT FIRST!  And, on Friday, I DID!  Answers?  Oh you bet baby! They are flowing in like the River Kwai!

I also shared this, and a bit more detail, in a LIVE video on my Coach D. page.  Check it out below! 

* If you're not a video watcher, then please take this message with you:

Stop searching.  Stop asking. Look within, ask what you REALLY want, and then DECIDE to go for it. When you have the commitment, it will become the RIGHT way!  Trust. Trust. Trust! ~ D. xo

Believing in YOU and the POWER we create together!

~ Coach D. xo


Believing in YOU,

~ Coach D. 


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