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Possibility, a Don't List, & Reconnecting

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2020

Good Morning Derith, 

I hope this note finds you and your healthy, well, and happy!

Possibility, a Don't List, & Reconnecting... that's what I want to talk about today because 3 other ideas keep popping up in conversation:

Positivity, Doing, & Reinventing. 

In the 60 second video below, I share how I am flipping these concepts to keep us motivated in these strange & unchartered times.




Flip #1: Positivity vs Possibility

Right now here's an underlying pressure to put on our "positive pants" .  While it is helpful to look at the bright side of life, it is 100% absolutely ok and necessary to feel all emotions, even the negative ones and recognize that feeling through this instead resisting it will help us move forward.

When we flip to "possibility" instead, it allows to see what is possible right now in the midst of negative thoughts. Ask yourself, "Even with the uncertainty I am feeling, what feels possible in my life? This flips us from resistance to expansion.


Flip #2: Do vs Don't

Our to-do lists are always long and right now with all of the "extra time" on our hands, we feel a pressure to get things done!   The endless list of projects that we've procrastinated on are popping up and we feel like we should be working on them right now.

What if we instead created a "don't list?"  You know the list of things that aren't worth our time, that we don't actually want to do and the ones that are an unnecessary use of our precious energy?

Having a don't list gives us clarity on things we DO want to do and creates space to focus our efforts there. What's on your don't list? Write yours today.


Flip #3: Reinventing vs Reconnecting

Who do I want to be now? What do I want to create? How can I reinvent myself now that I have the time to do it?  Again...more pressure to do and create and evolve.

Instead of recreating, what if we allowed ourselves to reconnect with who we really are when we strip away the noise, the comparisons, and the "shoulds" that we limit ourselves with?  

Reconnecting with who you are at your core reminds you of your values and what's truly important which connects you to what makes you come alive!

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive."  ~ Howard Thurman


 3 little flips to motivate us to keep showing up, to keep moving forward, and to remember that we are humans, being. 

Believing in YOU,

~ Coach D. xo


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