Hey there!

We all know how hard it is to stay consistent with workouts & eating during the summer...

Weekend getaways, vacations, backyard bbq's, & all those cold, crisp glasses of rosé can quickly throw us off track!

That's exactly why I created our new

FIERCE Fitness + Fuel Combo!

Not only will this combo allow you to maintain your routine all summer long, but you'll go into the fall ahead of the curve, because when you combine workouts & nutrition that are ideal for your body, your results will happen, and they will last!

Plus, you can do this from anywhere, so whether you're a summer stay-cationer or a jet-setter, we've got you covered!

I'm ready to help you rock your summer routine so you can stop starting over every fall!

Let's do this!

~ Coach D. xo

Tell Me More!

Let's keep this simple...

We all know how easy it is for one glass of rosé to turn into a bottle of rosé AND an entire cheese platter… yeah… hellloooo summer!

Well, let’s balance it all out by staying on track with our movement and food, no matter we're indulging in.

When you pair on-the-go workouts that are right for you with on-the-go nutrition your body needs to feel good from the inside out, you are guaranteed to get the results you want!


Fitness Options:

  1. Live classes
    • Either in-studio, live on Zoom, or a combo of both

    •  $99-$399 depending on the number of classes you choose

  2. Pre-recorded classes
    • Unlimited access to our online video workout library which you can stream on any device

    • $49-$105 depending on the number of classes you choose
  • Both fitness options include our full online workout video library of over 350 classes to choose so you can always find what you need anytime & anywhere you need it!
  • Current unlimited members can add 1 or both fuel options to receive a discount on your monthly membership


Fuel Options:

  • Post-Workout Recovery
    • Best for you if you want to increase fitness/strength, reduce stress, soreness, & recover from workouts faster

    • $69-$149 depending on the number of servings you choose
  • Meal Replacement
    • Best for you if you struggle to eat healthy on a consistent basis & need a quick, healthy meal on the go

    • $110-$239 depending on number of servings you choose
  • Both fuel options come in powder form and can be mixed easily with any liquid you prefer or can be blended with add-ins in a blender.
  • Plant-based, vegan and whey versions are available for both fuel options and come in multiple flavors


Once you've made your choices, enter your info & I'll reach out to you via email to complete your enrollment.


FIERCE Summer Fitness + Fuel Combo

For our FIERCE Fitness + Fuel Combo, choose 1 Fitness Option and 1 Fuel Option to create your specific combo.

Once you know what you want, enter it below along with your name and email & I'll reach out to you via email within 24 hours to complete your enrollment!

  • This offer is valid from 6/10/22 - 8/10/22. 
  • We will prorate your enrollment based on the date you officially enroll.