All women. All ages. All stories. All destinations.
It starts here. With a single choice.

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You may not know this yet, but you are FIERCE.

Just as you are, right now. The question is, are you living fiercely?

All you need is a nudge and a little encouragement to BELIEVE you can.  

 You're a busy mom, wife, sister and friend

You're dedicated, driven and focused on serving your family, your community and your career. 

You like to feel balanced and productive and fit. 

You want to be healthy and happy and confident in your own skin.

And sometimes, life just gets in the way... 

But, you are ready to breakthrough what's been holding you back.

You simply need a way to begin.  

The good news?  This is exactly what FIERCE is about.

In the MA area?  Join us at the Garage Gym!

Not local?  Join us online from anywhere! 

Why FIERCE by Choice?  I get that question a lot.  ~ Coach D. 

"Why did you choose that word, that name? What does it mean?"

When I found FIERCE, I was desperate.  It was December, 2014, and I was questioning everything in my I got here, my purpose, my relationships, and my heart.  I needed to find a way back, back to Derith. 

As I was feverishly searching for anything to pull me out of this spiral, a quote popped up in front of me, and there it was:

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“This is the year I will be stronger, braver, kinder, & unstoppable. This is the year I will be FIERCE by Choice.”

I realized that FIERCE was what I used to be:  strong and feminine, healthy and balanced, fit and fun, content and driven, confident and curious, and above all else, truly, wholeheartedly happy.

I knew I could get there again & was determined to figure out how.

As a personal trainer of 16 years at this point, the one thing I was certain of was fitness so I used that as my starting point. 

reached out to the women in my life and asked them to join me on this adventure of finding our true happy place by simply prioritizing ourselves and our health.   

And it worked...

Now, hundreds of lives have been changed, thousands of pounds have been lost, even more inches are gone; and there are countless stories of women embracing change, choosing to show up, getting back up, the power of community, & new beliefs about what is possible.

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It started with fitness but FIERCE quickly evolved into a way of life that nurtures balance, acceptance, self-compassion, self-care, and deep friendships.

Fight for what we believe in

Inspire others to do the same

Encourage each other along the way

Reach out to those that need us

Coach ourselves and each other

Empower all to believe it is possible

This is about starting where YOU are right now, finding the path that best fits you, and pushing yourself beyond where you thought you could go!

This is why I created FIERCE. 

We become our best by prioritizing our health because we feel our best!

I invite you to join us at the Garage Gym if you live in MA or to join a FIERCE Retreat if you aren't local.  We are a community of strong women ready to take care of ourselves through health and fitness and mindfulness, all the while supporting each other along the way. 

It's YOUR time to become FIERCE

Let's do this, together!

Believing in YOU,

~ Coach D. 

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Let's Do This Together

I've got your back, always! Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call us at 832-221-4966 with any questions you have. I am here to help you succeed!

"All women. All ages. All stories. All destinations. It starts here. With a single choice."

-Coach D.

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