"It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It's necessary."

~ Mandy Hale


How do we make the time to take care of ourselves?

How do we make it a priority?

How can we make it fun?

Enter: FIERCE Love Challenge


We're going to gamify self-care and in a bit of friendly competition and a checklist for the entire month of February!

This is our chance to take care of ourselves mind, body, & soul and have a little fun while we do it!


Enter your name & email below to receive your FIERCE Love checklist and start taking care of yourself today!

Feb 1 - Feb 28, 2023

Your Coach

Hi! I'm Coach D. & I'm your coach for FIERCE Love!

All month long we'll tick items off our checklist as we complete self-care & self-love actions.

We'll nourish our minds, hearts, bodies, & souls to release stress and understand what self-care feels like. Together we'll take action on these simple & fulfilling self-care practices and check-in each week to keep each other accountable.

You can even win prizes just for taking care of yourself!

Enter your info below to download your checklist and get started!

~ D. xoxo

FIERCE Love Challenge

Join Our FB Group

We'll be sharing our FIERCE Love challenge & progress in our private Facebook Group, the FIERCE Connection. This is also where we will check-in every Friday and share which items we've checked off our lists! Our goal is to complete all squares by 2/28/23! You can share photos, ideas, & all the FUN you're having too!

Print Checklist

Once you enter your name & email address, you'll receive the link to download your FIERCE Love checklist. Simply click on that link to download it and then print out your card. We recommend printing it in color because it's so cheery to look at! Post it somewhere you'll see it daily to keep it top of mind & on your radar everyday!

Take Action Baby!

Once you've printed out your checklist & are in the FIERCE Connection, then it's time to take action right away! Immediately you'll feel the effects of true self-care... calmer, happier, & more fulfilled! It is powerful! You can win prizes just for playing too! We'll have a LIVE prize drawing on 3/1/23 to announce all winners! Maybe it will be YOU!